Metal Particle Detector

Instantly Detects Dangerous Metal Particles In Lubricating Oil.

MetalAlert® operates in lubricating oil and all non-conductive fluids and detects both magnetic and non-magnetic metal debris.



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Metal Particle Detector | Analyses engine lubricating oil.

Continous Oil Analysis 24/7

MetalAlert® - Metal Particle Detector provides early warning of excessive wear in lubricated machinery, including engines, transmissions, gearboxes, turbines, compressors etc.

Metal Particle Detectors continuously monitor lubricating oil for metal debris – the first sign of a pending failure when bearings, pistons, liners, gears and cams and other parts begin to experience accelerated wear. Our Controller monitors the metal particles on the sensing grid. When excessive debris is detected, the Controller can trigger a lamp, siren or stop the equipment.

Early detection of a potential failure - damage is greatly reduced or eliminated resulting in reduced repair costs and less downtime.

• Provides 24/7 Failure Detection

• Detects All Metals

• No Moving Parts

• No Calibration

• Easy To Install

• Used By OEMs Worldwide